Housing Stock In Ghana

The 2010 Population and Housing Census records total stock of houses for the country as 3, 392, 745 about half ( 57.7%) of which are in the rural areas. The data further shows that the stock of houses increased by 60.1% compared with the figure recorded in the year 2000, much more than the increase in population (30.4%) over the same period .
A total of 5,467,054 dwelling units were also recorded in the 2010 Population and Census. In terms of construction, mud brick or earth (34.2%) and cement or concrete (57.5%) are the two main materials for outer wall. For roofing, the share of the main materials is as follows; corrugated metal sheets (71.4%), thatch /palm leaves (8.6) and slate/asbestos (13%). In terms of quality and durability, about 15% of dwelling units are not adequately roofed. This may pose difficulties and inconveniences during bad weather.

Ministry of Water, Resources and Housing 2015