Processes Involved in Title Registration

Step 1

Applicant obtains appropriate registration forms from the Land Title Registry, completes and submits them to the Registry together with copies of all relevant documents and the required registration fees.

Step 2

Upon submission of application an applicant is issued with:

(i) A receipt of acknowledgment (“yellow card”) and

(ii) A letter of request addressed to the Survey Department for the preparation of parcel plans.

Step 3

Applicant pays for and collects parcel plans from the Survey Department whenever they are ready and submits same to the Land Title Registry to assist in the processing of their application.

Step 4

From the Land Title Registry applicant is issued a photocopy of the parcel plan together with a Request Form to be sent to the Lands Commission for a search report

Step 5

Upon receipt of the search report by the Land Title Registry, and satisfying itself that there are no objections or adverse findings in the report, the Registry then proceeds to publish the application in the dailies to notify the general public of such application.

Step 6

Counting from the date of publication, fourteen days notice is allowed to receive objections from interested parties who may wish to challenge the application. If no objections are received within the fourteen day period the Registry then continues with the process of registration.

Step 7

The Land Title Registry prints and sign certificates, records particular on sectional plan and notify applicants of completion of registration exercise. The Land Title certificates are finally issued out to applicants upon submission of their “yellow cards”.

By Rebecca Sittie